We introduce ourselves as one of the oldest trading company’s knows as Bokhammas Group based in the Kingdom of Bahrain with diversified business interest. Our parent company Bokhammas Trading is serving the people of Bahrain and industries for the past 100 years.

The founders of our organization since established in 1874 were witness to the era when Bahrain’s pearl fishing fleet was the main source of the island’s livelihood. In those days of danger and hardship for the pearl diver, our founders saw the need for dependable tools and equipment. So began A. & A. R. BOKHAMMAS. 


The Flagship Company of this Group is Bokhammas Trading which is serving the Kingdom of Bahrain, its people and industry over the past 4 decades. 

Today, Bokhammas became the most leading group of companies dealing in Real Estate, General Contracting, Construction Fields, Trading & Merchandise, Piling works, Construction of Bridges, Travel & Tourism, Manpower Supply, Consultancy and Investments.